Veg Speak #14

As we’re dragged kicking and screaming into a frosty first week of Winter, the markets are rolling along quite steadily in all areas without too many weather-affected or short supplied products.
New season Apples, Pears and Oranges are making a good show with Imperial Mandarin the best option for June with others due shortly.

Qld strawberries are finally here, and while both Victorian and Queensland produce have plenty of flavour, the northern supply has much more colour to impress with.
In other berry news, Raspberries are very well priced at the moment, come in trays of 12 punnets and can be discounted if being bought for processing, just contact your account manager to request more info.

Quince supplies are wrapping up for the season with only 3-4 weeks to go, but can be very easily preserved by poaching and storing in jars or freezing in vac-sealed bags.

If you’re juicing, you really need to ask for Navelina Oranges. These are just begging for a squeeze and will give you the best yield compared to thicker-skinned varieties.

Our winter veg pick for the month is Celeriac. The flavour is outstanding and large, solid pieces mean your yield when mashing is much much higher. Eggplant won’t be going anywhere soon, with supply increasing and prices dropping. We recommend Glasshouse Eggplant for better appearance and less seed.