Weekly Market Walk – 16th April


Red Capsicum has had a sharp rise in price, quality is good and supply steady. Broccoli and Iceberg Lettuce have strengthened while Cauliflower has come back as quality and supply increases. Lebanese Zucchini is in good supply with exceptional quality available. Hot house Eggplant are good value but on the way up. Green Beans are on their way back to consistent levels though price is fluctuating daily. Bumper early season Globe Artichokes are in good supply. Green, red cabbage and Brussel Sprouts are at their peak and good value. Apples, Pears and Grapes are in good supply, quality is good and prices stable. New Season Royal Gala, Kanzi and Pink Lady Apples the pick of the Crop. Fuyu Fruit is in good supply with prices steady. Custard Apples are in shorter supply but great quality. Watermelon is on the improve but holding firm. Honeydew and rockmelon are steady and New Season Candy Melon are in, think smooth yellow skin like Honey Dew but Orange flesh like Rockmelon. Bananas are in good supply but quality is temperamental. A small recovery on Tomatoes, Round, Roma and Heirloom was seen at the end of the week yet Lack of colour and scarcity is keeping prices firm.



Cut fresh daily by our production team. A vibrant mix of shredded kale, beetroot, cabbage and native seeds makes it ideal for burgers or wraps.

Thought of as the closest descendant of Wild cabbage, the plant has green or purple leaves and was first cultivated in the Mediterranean countries where it was known as Curly Leaf Cabbage. Packed full of vitamins, Kale is used in Raw Food Drinks as well as many cooked applications. Many varieties of Kale are grown as Ornamental Leaves, these are also edible though more brittle in texture and slightly bitter in taste.

The name literally translates to Black Cabbage. The leaves are dark green in colour and have an embossed texture. Also known as Tuscan Kale or Tuscan Cabbage it has been used in Italian cuisine for centuries and is said to be one of the traditional ingredients in Minestrone. A hardy leaf that keeps its colour and bite during most cooking techniques.

A super versatile ingredient. Cabbage can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled. In Middle Eastern Cuisine a mixture of seasoned, spiced meat and rice is wrapped in a blanched Green Cabbage leaf then slow cooked. The Germans gave us Sauerkraut and the U.S. Coleslaw. Cabbage varieties also include Savoy, with its curly leaves, Wombok, pale green leaves with thick wide centre stalk and Sugar Loaf which grows in a teardrop shape.

The buds of this green leafy vegetable resemble Broccoli but do not form into a large head. Commonly used in Italian and Portuguese Cuisine. The flavour is best described as nutty, bitter and pungent, like Mustard Greens. Rapa is usually blanched in salt water before sautéing, grilling and roasting.