Weekly Market Walk – 9th October


Sweet, tart and juicy. Lemons are in great supply, coming from all over the country.


Thriving in this warm start to spring and currently coming out of Victoria, these eggplant are young, firm and plentiful at the moment.

Long Red Chillies

Deep red and ripe, this milder variety of chilli is sweet with just a hint of heat. Perfect for salads, pastas, or a stir-fry when you want a chilli that won’t over power the dish.

Kiwi Fruit

Coming out of NZ, kiwi fruit is still in great supply, with good size and flavour.

White Radish

With a milder radish flavour making them extremely versatile, they are great when used fresh, pickled or even roasted. Packed full of vitamin C and grown locally west of Sydney.

Spring greens

Running right through the spring months, this seasonal mix from our production team, is a mix of the seasons best. With fennel, green beans, sugar snaps, zucchini, snow pea leaves and more, it’s packed full of nutrients and very versatile.

See Dan’s video on our Spring Green mix ^

Barn Yard Eggs (Cage Free)

Produced in a state of the art cage free poultry farm set amongst the wine growing region of NSW Central West.