Weekly Market Walk – 9th January

Yellow Capsicum.

With steady local supply, they’re a great way to add some vibrant colour to your roast veg, salads or pastas.

Ox Heart Tomatoes

With its meaty texture and rich sweet flavour, these locally grown tomatoes have a stunning colour. Perfect for a Caprese salad.


Really great quality and flavour at the moment. Sweet but still slightly sharp, this is our current pick of the berries

Yellow Bullhorn Chillies

Used widely in Mediterranean cuisine, mostly for stuffing, these chillies have no heat and more of a sweet capsicum flavour.

Kale Slaw

A different spin on a regular coleslaw, packed full of colour, with red and yellow beetroot, kale, carrot, native seeds & more. This mix is super versatile, goes great in a wrap or as a salad.


Some really good quality limes at great prices, a staple of bars and kitchens alike.