Weekly Market Walk – 31st October

Panama Passionfruit

Coming out of tropical North Queensland, this variety has great flavour, with a mild tartness and an aromatic pulp.

Lebanese Cucumber

Crunchy and sweet, these locally grown cucumbers have very few seeds and are in plentiful supply.


With the weather warming up, this is a great time of year for these juicy, sweet, seedless melons. Always good value, and eating really well.

Red Elk

This Locally grown mustard leaf is abundant, with great yield due to their size. They are great in salads and have a mild mustard flavour.

Yellow Beans

Pale yellow in colour and slightly softer than green beans, their mild flavour makes them a very versatile veg. They are great cooked or raw. 


Already here and in plentiful supply. Northern Territory Kensington prides are the pick at the moment. Juicy and sweet, with an amazing aroma.