Weekly Market Walk – 27th November

White Nectarine

This supplier is known as ‘The Chosen One’ due to the extremely strict method of grading that they go through. Being individually tested for sugar content, assures that these are some of the most amazingly sweet, flavorsome nectarines you can find. Medium to soft make them easy eating too.


There is really only one thing to buy these for… Pickles! Plenty around, great quality and value.

Garlic Flowers

Well worth trying. Super versatile and unique, fry stems for a sweet garlic punch and sprinkle the tiny bulbs over pasta or steamed veg to add a little hint of peppery garlic that won’t over power.

Purple Asparagus

Slightly more tender than the regular green asparagus but similar in flavour. A great way to add colour to your risotto or stir-fry’s.

Watermelon Radish

Great local supply has started again. Vibrant pink flesh with an earthy, peppery flavour, means it tastes as good as it looks.