Weekly Market Walk – 24th October

Honey Pears

Coming out of Victoria and available through November, now is a great time to try this super sweet fruit. Great for cooking or eating fresh.

Cold smoked Australian Garlic

These things smell amazing! Cold smoked over a blend of Red Gum and Tea Tree chips, perfect for aioli’s, pastas or mash.

Red Bullhorn Chilli

Back in the markets, with QLD stock in plentiful supply. Sweet and vibrant, ideal for stuffing.


Locally grown in Western Sydney, chicory leaves have a slightly bitter taste that lends itself well to Mediterranean cooking.

Spring greens

Running right through the spring months, this seasonal mix from our production team, is a mix of the seasons best. With fennel, green beans, sugar snaps, zucchini, snow pea leaves and more, it’s packed full of nutrients and very versatile.

See Dan’s video on our Spring Green mix ^

Asparagus Tips

Packed full of flavour and in good supply, these Victorian asparagus are being sold loose and are great value.