Weekly Market Walk – 21st November

Red Papaya

Sweet and creamy with a dark orange flesh. This tropical North QLD fruit is just as good in a salsa served with fish as it is in desserts.


This small finger shaped root is a member of the ginger family, extensively used in Indian and Asian cuisines for its slightly bitter, earthy, mustard-like aroma, and its numerous health benefits.


Used for centuries in Middle Eastern cuisine, these tender green pods work great as a natural thickener for soups and stews.


Amazing quality and flavour at the moment, perfect for sorbets, jams or sauces. Definitely the pick of the berries this week.

Kestrel Potatoes

This newer variety of potato is a great all-rounder. Mash, fry, boil or bake, it’s shallow eyes and thin skin means it’s easy to prep.


Still plenty around, super sweet and crisp, good size and easy to prep. Ideal for risotto or raw in a salad.