Weekly Market Walk – 20th March

Vegetable Bundles

Hand cut and meticulously rolled by our production team. Green beans, asparagus, baby corn, snow peas & carrot batons are all tied up in a blanched shallot. These are the perfect solution for large function veg sides.

Persimmon (Jiro)

Firm and crunchy like an apple, with a rich and sweet sugar cane like flavour. An earlier season variety means there a plenty around at the moment.

September Candy Plums

Like the October Suns, this strain originated in France and was named for their Autumn. It has a candy apple like red skin with a very sweet, non- astringent and firm flesh.

Green Olives

Fresh green olives are in great supply currently. Now is the perfect time to get them brining for your winter menus.

Habanero Chilli

These things pack a mighty punch, but can be used whole in a sauce or stew and then removed, adding a unique sweetness (and still a good bit of heat) without over powering everything.