Weekly Market Walk – 13th February

Fruit and Vegetable Kebabs

Handmade daily by our production team, these skewers are packed full of the finest produce in the markets. A great time saver for functions.

White Peaches

Some great varieties of stone fruit are still flowing into the markets and these white peaches are no exception. Sweet and juicy but still firm enough to slice into a prosciutto salad.

Australian Garlic

The markets are still brimming with this amazing Australian garlic. Spicy, sweet and aromatic, this local stock is second to none.

Green Beans

A great staple ingredient in most kitchens, it’s easy to see why when they are as good as they are at the moment.

Striped Baby Eggplant

Eggplant of all shapes, sizes and colours are flooding the markets at the moment. These baby varieties are our pick of the week. Coming out of Shepparton VIC, the quality is outstanding.

Snow Peas & Sugar Snaps – $6.50/kg