Veg Speak #3

There’s a new kind of crisp felt in the mornings these days. It’s sweet and dusky. The days are longer and there is a different buzz about. Trucks a rolling in with stone fruit, mangoes and cherries. I love this time of year.

It’s starting to feel like Christmas is just around the corner.


Market prices have settled down quite a bit in the last week. The ever important green leaf lines, Iceberg, Cos and English spinach are in good supply and quality. Tomatoes and Cucumbers are in better condition than they have been with the Lebanese Cucumber variety being my pick for quality and flavour. There is still quite a gap between ripe and firm fruit but the weather is helping us sort things out.

Tight white heads of Cauliflower, brilliant Broccoli and some great Green Beans are in good supply and are great value. Green Peas, Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Peas are really hitting their straps now. The quality and flavour is brilliant – locally picked and bursting with great colour.

Limes are still on the pricey side but are in a more steady supply so relief may be on its way. Raspberries are still fetching high prices while Strawberries are enjoying a good run in both size and colour and are definitely getting sweeter, especially out of Victoria. Mangoes, both Kensington Pride and R2E2 are in short supply, though most definitely available, forcing the price to stay firm for a while longer.

Stone fruit has started to make an appearance and some of the fruit all be it, a little small, is packing a world of flavour. Both White and Yellow fleshed Peaches are available. Rockmelons are sweet and firm and the Pineapples are dripping with Queensland sunshine.

Picks of the Month

Broad Beans

Young beans can be cooked in their pods then tossed in a little seasoned butter. The larger bean is great as a mash or puree.

Globe Artichokes

Great as an entrée, boiled whole and served with a dipping bowl of vinaigrette or Hollandaise. Try filling the artichoke bottom with a farce and baking it.

Jerusalem Artichokes

A nutty flavoured tubular that is great roasted, steamed and brilliant as a puree. I makes a subtle accompaniment to a pan fried fillet of fish.

Local Grown Asparagus

Don’t be put off by the larger thicker spears, they are crunchy and sweet both stir fried and poached.

Green Peas, Snow Peas and Sugar Snap Peas

Crisp and full of colour, toss them into a salad with some Kipfler potatoes and olive oil.

Red Papaya

Firm sweet fresh, excellent on a fruit platter for that extra WOW. My favourite, king prawns, mint, coriander, lime and diced papaya salad.

Peaches, White and Yellow flesh

North coast fruit is arriving and supply will increase weekly. Fruit is still firm but will ripen beautifully.

Northern Territory Mangoes

Various sizes available. Beautiful aroma with a golden sweet flesh.


A great superfood and well-priced, this one goes into my baked ricotta and mascarpone cheesecake.