Weekly Market Walk – 9th April

Carrot Batons

Coming in 5 or 10mm, these are produced daily from our hand peeled carrots and are perfect steamed, roasted or braised in a stew.

Finger Lime

With a sharp and zesty citrus flavour and its stunning little caviar shaped pearls, this is a perfect choice for desserts, salad dressings or even in an ice-cold corona.

Kaffir Limes

Used extensively in South East Asian Cuisine, this lime is not usually used for its juice which is very sour but for its stunningly fragrant zest. Perfect for Thai style soups or fish cakes.

Custard Apple

With its custard like flesh, it’s sweet creaminess is perfect for ice creams, crumbles and they also make a great pannacotta.

Wing Beans

Can be eaten just like regular beans, stir fried, blanched, pickled or eaten raw. It has a great crunch and a slight sweetness.

Imperial Mandarins – $33 / box

Already great value this early in the season. Sweet, fragrant and mostly seedless.